Green Hotel

What Makes the Churchill House a “Green” Hotel?

GreenHotelLogoTo achieve the coveted designation as a Green Hotel in the Green Mountain State, we requested an audit of our facility and environmental practices shortly after we bought the inn in 2005. Based on that audit, we invested over $75,000 in improvements to this historic structure to make the following changes, which exceeded the State’s requirements for attaining the Green Hotel certification, which we have maintained continually since 2006:

  • Created our organic vegetable and herb garden to supply the kitchen with fresh local produce
  • Replaced a 35-year old hot-air furnace and 10 electric space heaters with a modern, efficient central forced-hot-water heating system, a thermostat in each guestroom controlling a separate zone of heat
  • Replaced two 30-year old household-size hot water tanks with three state-of-the-art Rinnai tankless on-demand water heaters for unlimited EnergyStar-certified hot water supply
  • Replaced 24 single-pane 135-year-old windows with new double-pane insulated windows
  • Replaced the aging roof with a new standing-seam roof, adding sheathing and insulation
  • Instituted composting and recycling at the inn
  • Replaced 11 wasteful 3.5 GPF toilets with Niagara flapperless 1.28 GPF toilets, using 63% less water while achieving a 10-of-10 flush rating
  • Practice dishwashing by Health Department approved high-temperature sanitizing, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals (bleach)
  • Attained membership in the Vermont Fresh Network, a farmer-chef cooperative encouraging use of local produce at Vermont country inns & restaurants
  • Initiated use of refillable dispensers for shampoo & conditioner in guestroom baths
  • Installed 2 new EnergyStar clothes washers and 2 new clothes dryers
  • Developed our environmental policy statement
  • Instituted use of biodegradable laundry detergent
  • Began voluntary towel re-use program with cooperation of guests
  • Installed 80+ new compact fluorescent light bulbs, replacing incandescents

We are committed to continuous monitoring and improvement of our environmental practices.