Hike Vermont

Vermont’s best hiking starts at our doorstep.

The inn is at the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest, which boasts 500 miles of trails, winding through 350,000 acres of breathtaking beauty: along quiet streams, across rugged mountaintops, around pristine lakes.  Hikers can find easy beginning walks or real challenges, from a leisurely one-mile contemplative stroll through the fields and woods of the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail to the 10-mile wilderness hike over the several summits between the Brandon and Middlebury Gaps on Vermont’s Long Trail.  Along the way there’s always the chance to catch sight of a moose, peregrine falcon or beaver — and of course the many species of birds that inhabit the forest.

Country Inns Along the Trail provides three to ten day packages for travelers who want to hike inn to inn around Vermont.

Guide service is available through our partnership with several expert local interpretive naturalists. Personal guided hike with dedicated guide service through the day is offered at $75 per person for two people, or $50 per person for groups of three or more.  Guide service is in demand and must be arranged in advance.  Please phone or email us for details.

Silver Lake  ~  The most popular day hike from the inn has the innkeeper drop you off at the Silver Lake and Falls of Lana trailhead near Lake Dunmore. Hike up about a half mile passing the hundred-foot drop of the Falls of Lana and on to Silver Lake (1.6 miles so far, gain of 850 feet). Pause at the north end at the beach or the dam for a snack. The more challenging hike back to the inn is to the west (right of the dam) along the Chandler Ridge. The easier, low hike is to the east (left of the beach) through the Leicester Hollow. Each trail is about 4.5 miles, and they meet again at their south end. Follow the brook downstream, emerging from the forest when a meadow opens on your right, crossing a rickety bridge, and on into the inn’s front yard. Depending on your pace, 3 or 4 hours is common for this hike.

Rattlesnake Cliff  ~  The rattlers are all gone, as the State of Vermont didn’t end its $10 bounty until the middle 1970s.  The hike starts at the same Falls of Lana Trail, but bear left over the footbridge after the falls instead of bearing right to Silver Lake.  Ascend about 900 feet either on the steeper Rattlesnake Cliff trail to the west (be looking for the sharp left to the lookout spur if hiking this first) or the Aunt Jenny trail to the east.   The view across Lake Dunmore and the Champlain Valley to the Adirondacks in the west is worthwhile.  About 3.5 miles total, most folks need about 2.5 – 3 hours.

Rattlesnake Cliff & Rocky Point  ~  Complete the Rattlesnake Cliff trail, then head up to Silver Lake, where the 2 mile Rocky Point interpretive trail loops you around Silver Lake, posts indicating flora, geology, and history along the way.  Combined figure-eight hike is about 8 miles.

Chittenden Brook  ~  In your car, follow the innkeeper in his car and spot yours at the trail’s end on the other side of Brandon Gap.  Be shuttled back to the trailhead at Brandon Gap by the innkeeper, and hike south and uphill, passing the Sunrise Shelter and then descending easily along the clear, cold brook to whichever trail-end parking you chose in the morning.  The “middle” of the three lots is at 6.2 miles.  Energetic hikers will want to hike the up-and-down to Mount Horrid on the Long Trail north before starting south, which adds 1.4 miles of steep ascent and descent and a rewarding view.  The combination is a most-of-a-day hike for many pleasure hikers.


Hiking Guides  ~  With maps and directions in hand, you can easily hike on your own, and most of our hikers do.  Some do prefer to accompany a guide, however.  A guide offers an added dimension, contributing his or her knowledge to identify flora and fauna, explain geographical features or add a historical perspective.  Birders particularly welcome the wealth of knowledge provided by our experienced guides.

Through our partnership with Country Inns Along the Trail, we can also help you arrange inn to inn hiking vacations throughout the region.  Just phone or send us an e-mail and we will send you the details.